Presentation Night (Pre-K to 3rd grade)

Children do the teaching on this special night. After a delicious potluck dinner with all families in your child’s classroom, parents gather to hear students present short stories or skits learned in class and listen to a musical presentation that samples the work from music class. Following the presentations, parents proceed to the classroom to hear their child present a lesson. Parents are encouraged to listen to other children’s presentations. Siblings are welcome to attend the potluck dinner, but we request that they be in childcare during the presentations due to space limitations. Specific dates for Presentation Nights are listed in the school calendar.

Academic Night (6th grade) After School Students May Participate

Students have prepared projects and research reports related to a classroom theme to share with parents and friends. This evening highlights public speaking and project-based learning. Parents are able to enjoy the presentations of many different students in the class. Specific dates for Academic Nights are listed in the school calendar.