The Annual Fund is a vital component of the school’s finances as tuition revenue alone covers approximately 75% of our overall costs. Your contributions also help to keep HCA within the financial reach of our families.

Annual contributions from HCA constituents are used to meet our school’s highest priorities in a given fiscal year. Your contributions help every HCA student by supplying the resources to support our academic programs, day-to-day campus operations, and extra-curricular activities.

The Annual Fund supports every aspect of our school’s mission and vision. Whenever we are able to go beyond the Annual Fund goal, we are able to address some of our program dreams in significant ways.


The Annual Fund grows through but is not limited to the following contributions:

  • One-time gifts
  • Future gifts through the Members & Partners Program
  • Corporate matching gift programs
  • Planned giving
  • Bond Purchase

Planned Giving

Planned Giving: Building Harvest Christian Academy Today and Tomorrow
While direct cash gifts to HCA are always welcome, the primary way in which long-term assets grow is through planned giving opportunities. Christians use Planned Gifts from their estate to further support kingdom causes that are important to them.

Giving a tithe of your estate to HCA when planning for the future allocation of your estate. You can use the occasion to reinforce the importance of the biblical concept of a tithe to your family. For example, if a couple with four children had an estate of $600,000, a tithe of the estate would provide $60,000 for HCA and $540,000 to their children, or approximately $135,000 for each child.

Charitable Lead Trust
Enables you to make a substantial gift to charity while passing much of your estate to your children, free of estate tax. By using this type of Trust, you provide an income amount to be paid to HCA for a period of years or for your lifetime. At the termination of the Trust, assets will be distributed to your family. Depending upon the terms, estate tax will be reduced or eliminated.

Charitable Gift Annuity
A contract between you and HCA that provides guaranteed fixed payments for life. You receive a charitable deduction at the time of funding the Charitable Gift Annuity, and the annual payment percentage is based on your age at the time the gift is made. In addition, a portion of each payment is tax-free. At death, HCA receives the balance of the annuity.

Charitable Remainder Trust
An arrangement which provides for payments to you for life or a specified period of years. At the end of the trust term, the remaining balance in the Trust is distributed to HCA. You receive a charitable tax deduction at the time of the gift to the Trust.

Stocks & Other Securities
Transferring appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) directly to HCA rather than donating the proceeds after selling them is wise stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to you. If you have owned the securities for more than a year, you receive an income tax deduction for what the stock is worth on the day the stock is gifted. You also will not pay any capital gain tax upon the transfer, freeing up even more money for the Lord’s work!

Real Estate
You can gift your second home, cottage, land, commercial building, and investment property. HCA can then use the property for ministry purposes or sell it and use the proceeds for reaching more people through our programs.

Business Interests
Gifts of business interests (closely held stock, S-Corporation stock, partnership investments, and publicly held shares in a corporation) can be a very effective way to advance the ministry of HCA.

Retirement Assets
The most tax-efficient way to give retirement assets is from your estate at your death. The tax-efficiency comes from the lack of any income tax due, as well as no estate taxes due on assets that go to charity. The gift is accomplished by naming HCA as either a primary beneficiary (if no living spouse) or contingent beneficiary.

Life Insurance provides another opportunity to make a gift to HCA.


Commemorative Gold Leaf Campaign

Now you can have a place in Harvest Christian Academy’s history by purchasing a personalized, engraved commemorative Gold Leaf or tribute plaque to be placed in Hallway to the Future, the area around the Harvest Christian Academy’s main entrance.

This is a great way to leaving a lasting gift.  The inscription on your Gold Leaf or plaque can:

◾Recognize your child’s achievements

◾Congratulate a recent graduate

◾Commemorate the success of an alumnus

◾Honor a loved one, teacher or friend

◾Demonstrate a business or individual’s support of the ministry of HCA

◾Share your favorite scripture verse

Proceeds from this campaign will support the HCA Annual Fund.

If you have any questions, please contact Cora Bostic 908-756-3500

The Harvest Family Scholarship Fund

The Harvest Family Scholarship Fund provides the opportunity for low-income families, regardless of race or national origin, to enroll their children at Harvest Christian Academy. Eligibility is based on financial need. If you are interested in applying to The Harvest Family Scholarship Fund for the 2015-2016 school year, request an application, submit your Harvest Family Scholarship Fund application. This application must have all documents submitted with the 2 year tax returns. Harvest Family Scholarship Fund applications will be reviewed. Appointment to discuss and render a final decision.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Business Office



232 East Front Street Plainfield, New Jersey 070602 Phone (908)-941-5708

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