Spiritual Encounter

Spiritual Encounter: Elementary School

(2Ti 2:15)  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

What a blessing to be able to impart spiritual life into the lives of our little ones. In partnership with the family and church, we work to bring this about in many ways:

We start each day with prayer and pledges to the American flag, the Christian flag, and the Bible. This instills in the children that we serve God’s kingdom.

Bible is a vital subject that is taught in engaging and age-appropriate ways each day. Our elementary teachers are in the process of writing our own curriculum that promotes the thinking and pattern processes of Foundation and Framework, our reading curriculum. For instance, God wants us to be truthful is a pattern that the students study in various Bible stories that they then apply to their own lives.

Chapel is set aside each week for singing, listening, and participating in worship. We divide the elementary into the primary (Pre-K-1st) and the intermediate (2nd-4th grade) to be able to speak to relevant issues in our students’ lives.

Each class is viewed as God’s classroom where we impart God’s truth into the various curricula. We study science as God’s creation, History as God-directed, and Art as expressing the creativity we have as being made in God’s image. The teachers intertwine relevant Scripture into the lessons and are thrilled when the students apply it themselves into all subject areas.

Some of our after school also feature Biblical themes or use Christian principles as their guiding purpose. For instance, our song club learned Christian songs.Christian is not just in our name but in our very purpose!

Chapel program
Weekly chapels are held for the (2nd grade and up). A particular theme is chosen and developed throughout the year. The format is widely varied including participation from pastors and youth pastors of local churches, other outside Christian speakers, teachers.  Chapels devoted to prayer, testimonies and music also occur.

Discipleship Groups
Single gender groups of 10-12 students meet with a staff member twice a month for discipleship in the areas of personal spiritual growth. Topics from God’s Word, relevant to living out the Christian faith in today’s world are openly discussed. Leadership skills are developed as groups are challenged to meet the needs of others by planning and carrying out activities to minister to those around them.

Spiritual Life Conference
Two day fall and winter conferences are built into the school schedule. This gives us time to come away from our normal routine and concentrate more extensively on things of the Lord together. Outside speakers challenge us from God’s Word while our own Praise Team leads us in worshipping through song.

Praise Team
Our students lead us in worship through music in our chapel program. The praise team also ministers at student conferences and other events throughout the year.

Bonds and friendships form as students hold each other accountable to reading God’s Word and living godly Christian lives.

Other Ministries
The Christian life is characterized by service. Throughout the year there are numerous opportunities that arise for student involvement. Nursing home and a soup kitchen outreaches are scheduled.