Since 1995, HCA has run a powerful summer academic program for our school students and other students in Greater Central Jersey with great potential, but who are in need of additional support and positive role models.

The program is a means for HCA to give back to the local community but also serves as a teaching laboratory staffed with experienced mentor teachers, as well as college and high school students who are aspiring educators.

Each summer, students in fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade study math, reading, spelling, writing, and public speaking, while also playing games, attending cultural events such as concerts and bonding.

The goal is to inspire a positive outlook for the students and equip them with the academic skills and confidence to succeed in high school and college.

In addition our program provides teens opportunities to explore and develop their talents, while gaining critical skills for work, college and beyond.

Our students have demonstrated commitment and achievement through their participation in Summer Achievers Quest – After School Matters and are furthering their understanding of the natural world and relevant community and global issues.